How to call

The website is directed to help you to make international calls to Democratic Republic of the Congo from any country of the world! On our website you will also find out all detailed instructions for dialing international numbers, interesting information about the country you are calling to.

Calling internationally to Democratic Republic of the Congo from the USA:

DIAL: 011243X

What do these numbers mean? How we got this combination of numbers to dial? There is nothing complicated using our simple instruction and clear explanation!

All international call starts with the exit code of your country, another words the country you are dialing number from. It is often called IDD or international Direct Dialing code. There is each IDD for each country. If you make call from USA, your exit country code (IDD) is 011. Next dial the Country Code for Democratic Republic of the Congo - 243. The phone number of the local subscriber dialed at the end.

Land phone dialing technology of calling to Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Land phone: IDD + Country Code of Dem. Republic of the Congo + Area code + local subscriber number

There are no plus signs between dialing the number! Dial just numbers! The full list of exit codes (IDD) country codes for international calling available on our website! Look here

Let’s make an international call landline from Monaco to Democratic Republic of the Congo (Isiro)!

DIAL: 011243X

The numbers ‘00’ is your exit country code or IDD for Monaco; 243 is Country Code of Democratic Republic Of The Congo as you have already known; 5 is area code for Isiro: X is a local subscriber phone or a phone number of a person whom are you calling to. You need only to exchange ‘X’ into the phone number of the subscriber. The local subscriber number includes 7 digits without area code. The city area codes of Democratic Republic of the Congo are consisted from only one number. Don’t add ‘0’ before dialing area codes!

Cell phone dialing technology to call to Democratic Republic of the Congo

Cell phone: 00243 XXXX XXX XX

Cell phone numbers include 9 digits. The first two digits are the Mobile codes.

While calling through cell phones don’t add area codes! Area codes are only used for land phones!